Publication Services

Some states require that new Corporations, LLCs, LLPs, or LPs publish an announcement of their formation in county newspapers, under threat of suspension or dissolution. Similar requirements are in place for newly obtained DBAs. With rigid deadlines, as well as publishing in the appropriate newspapers for every county, meeting these requirements can be a strenuous - if not frustrating - chore.

That’s why Platinum Filings offers complete, hassle-free publication services. We work side-by-side with county clerks and newspaper representatives every day, and our congenial relationship with publishers allows us to give you the best rates available. Our experienced team knows the stipulations and the due dates, not to mention the network of publications in the necessary counties for each state.

Our all-inclusive publication services fully satisfy all legal requirements so you don’t have to worry. Take a look below at the contents of our services, specialized to meet the requirements of each state.