The state of Nebraska requires that notices be published for all incorporations, amendments, mergers, dissolutions, or share changes of domestic corporations subject to the Business Corporation Act. These notices must be published for three consecutive weeks in a legal newspaper in the county of the corporation’s principal or registered office, and Proofs of Publication must be filed with the Secretary of State. Our Nebraska publishing service will satisfy all these requirements, and includes:

  • preparing the legal notice
  • publishing the notice in the required publications
  • obtaining the Affidavits of Publication from the newspapers
  • filing the Proof of Publication with the Secretary of State
  • delivering the Affidavits of Publication and the filing confirmation to you
  • auto-emails to keep you updated on the process

Likewise, Nebraska has similar publication requirements for DBAs, including the publication of a notice and the filing of the Proof of Publication with the Secretary of State. Platinum Filings can also satisfy these requirements. For more information, click here to go to our page on DBA/Assumed Name Publication Services.

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