UCC Search & Retrieval

Here at Platinum Filings, we understand the intricate process of UCC & Due Diligence searches for searches/  retrievals- both nationwide and globally. It can be confusing and time-consuming to navigate the various Jurisdictions and each of their unique complexities- and we make that easy with our team of local examiners.  Platinum Filings has the quickest turn around times in the industry and we will provide you with a comprehensive search report of findings along with copies of documents.

Platinum Filings offers a full spectrum of UCC / Due Diligence services including:

  • State level ucc filing and lien searching
  • Post filing verification searches (searches to reflect)
  • County lien searching
  • State level searches and retrievals
  • US district court and bankruptcy searches and retrievals
  • County level ucc/fixtures, liens & judgment searches
  • US district court searches
  • US. bankruptcy court searches
  • Local litigation searches
  • Canadian ppsa filing and searching
  • International ucc, lien, litigation & bankruptcy searches
  • Real property searches
  • Patriot act searching

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